Meladerm Cream

Meladerm CreamI've suffered from acne spots and uneven skin colour since my late teens and have tried almost all over the counter solutions and beauty remedies available on the market.

I consulted with a dermatologist who prescribed oral antibiotics and although these helped reduce my acne breakouts they did little to remove the marks and discolouration clearly visible on my skin. The dermatologist told me to have patience and that the skin would return to normal over time, however I waited more than a year and I saw very little change.

It wasn't until I researched Meladerm Cream that I found a product which helped. Civant Skincare, the makers of Meladerm, spent over 4 years developing the product and have provided not only the most effective skin lightening cream on the market but one that is also safe to use.

Meladerm Cream contains no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or other harmful bleaching substances commonly found in cheap skin lighteners. Meladerm can be applied anywhere on the body, including face, hands and legs.

The makers state that you will notice your skin begin to lighten within the first 2 weeks of regular Meladerm Cream use, although I found the discolouration on my face began to fade with about 6 weeks of usage.

I use Meladerm Cream twice a day and also use a quality brand sunblock as your skin becomes sensitive to UV rays during the usage period.

The acne marks on my forehead have lightened considerably and the discolouration on my cheeks and chin has faded considerably. Some days I even find myself having to look even closer in the mirror to see if the marks are still there!

When I first tried Meladerm Cream I was unsure whether it would work, especially as it seemed quite expensive. However, the makers let you try Meladerm risk free for 30 days due to their full money back guarantee. If you return the cream, used or unused, within 30 days from the delivery date, you will be refunded your purchase price less shipping.

This alone gave me much more confidence in the cream and I had no worries about using it. The cost is certainly justified and you get a high quality product which really delivers.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Meladerm Cream if you suffer from hyperpigmentation, dark skin spots, discolouration, sun damage, old scars, uneven skin tones, acne marks, birth marks, melasma and freckles.

I still use Meladerm to maintain the results and to keep other acne spots and marks from forming. I only wish I'd found out about Meladerm Cream sooner.